Here at we've been receiving lots of enthusiastic feedback about our site from both amateur and professional genealogy researchers. was one of the first sites on the Web to offer people a place to go to ask the world "does anyone have information about were I come from". With its instant popularity people actually got accurate answers quickly. was established in 1996. We felt that with all the potential access to information one of the most popular things would be finding information about oneself and one's family. At first we had one bulletin board for finding information about genealogy and finding long lost relatives. We quickly realized that these were two separate and major areas of interest. We also felt that this was a unique power to the internet in connecting families that could not be done in any other way. also found that many people were looking for living realtives that they lost contact with. Some people who have been looking for a loved one for decades would post a query and have an e-mail back within days by that person or someone who knew them. We have reunited numerous families. We targeted people who were looking to find and reconnect to long lost relatives and even friends and to people who wanted to know more about their family heritage and lineage.

We're working hard to make a place that you can call home, thanks for your help!

Give us your feedback on how we can serve you better.

News was named one of the 101 Best Family History Web Sites on June 20, 2001! "This site has a genealogy bulletin board almost as an afterthought. The focus is much more on the here and now of family life (including a long-lost-family bulletin board), and does a nice job in that regard." - Melanie Rigney

As Seen in... Genealogy Online for Dummies

Genealogy Online for Dummies The Helms have put together an excellent introductory guide to doing genealogical research online. They've avoided the usual trap of organizing their book by resources, which may be easy for the author but makes it harder on the user. So instead of devoting this chapter to useful Web sites, that chapter to valuable newsgroups, and so forth, they've organized the book in a way closer to the way you'd organize good family research.

This is a perfect handbook for those who are interested in using the internet to further their research.

About the pictures on this site

These are family photos from the founder's family album. Even though the Krauthamers are very photogenic, We'd like to feature our visitor's family photos in the future, so please send us a few choice pics via e-mail and we'll try to include them in the site.

We're especially anxious to put up pictures that are old, and representing a variety of cultures and ethnicities. We'd also like to post pictures that show families celebrating holidays and doing interesting activities, and we'll post them at the appropriate time of year.

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