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Long Lost Family Bulletin Board

Started in 1996!

Use our bulletin board to search for lost relatives and missing people by name or keyword and check to see if someone is looking for you by posting a query. Then take a look at our list of web resources for clues to help you in your search and add sites you've personally found useful.

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Your family recommends... "You Can Find Anybody!"

Right at your fingertips, you can now have access to thousands of government and law enforcement agencies, records departments, and licensing bureaus used by private detectives! Renowned private investigator Joseph Culligan has done all the legwork all you have to do is pick up this book and find your lost relatives.

You Can Find Anybody!

Looking For Someone?

Are you looking for a lost family member, missing old friend or military buddy? The People Finder can help. Data is compiled from many sources of public records to provide you with contact information for individuals all over the US. This extensive pool of data can be helpful in locating a lost loved one. Click here to start searching now!

Your family recommends... "Birthright: The Guide to Search and Reunion"

An adoptee offers compassionate and comprehensive guidance to locating "adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents." Strauss proceeds from the view that seeking reunion with relatives estranged by adoption is a good thing, and she marshals impressive reasoning and evidence to support her case.

Birthright: The Guide to Search and Reunion

Web Resources for Reuniting Families

Friends and relatives can become separated for so many reasons -- adoption, divorce and relocation are just a few. The search may sometimes seem endless, but our list of resources for finding lost relatives and missing friends can lead you on the right trail to finding that certain someone you've been trying so hard to locate.

If you know of a web site that can help people find each other, please add it to our database.

Plus Yourfamily presents... A true story of a family reunited after decades with the help of modern technology. And when has helped you reunite with your lost family or missing friends, write and tell us your story!

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