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Look up web sites that share your family name and find tips for developing your personal family web page. Then add your family's web page to our database -- you can update your listing at any time.

The search is easy -- you'll find valuable information through links to web pages that share your family name, maybe even to that one ancestor who has been your stumbling block!

If you decide you want to create your own family web page, we have web design tips to help you. And when your site is ready to go, add your family page to our database to share with others. Your listing can even be set up to include several different variations of the spelling of your family name!

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Yourfamily recommends... "Creating Web Pages for Kids & Parents"

If you and your children have discovered all the information, entertainment, and interactivity the World Wide Web has to offer, you're ready to take the next step: creating your own Web pages and publishing them on the Internet. You need this family guide to creating a personalized Web page which explains how to design interesting Web pages and includes graphics tips, tools for using online Web-building tools, Internet safety advice, available software, and a CD-ROM providing tools, templates, and clipart. Original.

Creating Web Pages for Kids & Parents

Family Homepages

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